Having a bachelorette party in Tahoe?

This was a big weekend for our Male Strippers in Tahoe!

Tim: Male Stripper Lake Tahoe
Hot Male Stripper in Lake Tahoe / Reno.

We’re guessin’ the ladies got their tax return! Timothy is a favorite in Tahoe Bachelorette Party circles. He consistently puts on a great show and keeps the girls begging for more. He was stacked with back to back shows, they never seem to tire of the cop routine! I think those women just wanna get frisked by a hot male stripper! We know Tim delivers and outstanding performance. I’ve never had a complaint.

Ladies, it’s time to start planning that all important event! Visit our Bachelorette Parties page for a list of theme characters and costume options. Try some creative alternatives… I personally came up with ‘the distraught neighbor.’ It’s great for the element of surprise, especially in Lake Tahoe where so many parties are at vacation rental homes. Your male dancer can show up pretending to be the next door neighbor. Then he’ll bust out the irate attitude over the cars blocking his driveway, or the loud noise disturbing his tranquil day off work. How dare you obnoxious girls destroy his peaceful relaxing weekend. Then he cranks up the tunes and the fun begins…

If you haven’t seen ‘Bridesmaids,’ here’s a link to the YouTube Trailer:

It’s sure to get the party started with some gut wrenching laughter.

We’re happy to help you pick the perfect male entertainer for your Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party in Tahoe. Did I mention Timothy? Just give us a call or fill out the reservation form. We’ll do the rest.