Strip Clubs vs Strippers Direct

Topless Clubs and Strip Clubs in Tahoe

There are no Topless Clubs in Lake Tahoe. We get countless calls from people seeking a venue destination. Again, there are no Strip Clubs in Tahoe! Strippers come direct to you! We bring the Party to your Location. All Adult Entertainment in Lake Tahoe is Out-Call. Many inquiries are based on the assumption that we are a Strip Club. Most clients come to Lake Tahoe expecting to find a Gentlemen’s Club in the downtown Stateline zone. We frequently get the typical questions regarding location, admission fee, hours of operation, etc. Though we state, “there are no Strip Clubs in Tahoe,” we are always asked again in disbelief, “there’s no Strip Club in Tahoe?” Before we can explain the facts, we find ourselves repeating the mantra, “there are no Strip Clubs in Tahoe,” at least two to three times before it sinks in. Many clients rephrase the question asking if there are Topless Clubs in Tahoe, hoping that might be a game changer.  We realize it’s hard for most clients to accept.

Strippers direct to you is better Value on Investment

Consider the advantages of Strippers coming directly to you vs the Strip Club experience! You receive better value on investment (VOI) in a private setting than a club venue. You have more options from an out-call service. You can enjoy interactive participation, get spoiled, and be lavished upon. There is no 6-inch rule for lap dancing! You can touch and participate in party games. You can watch live 2-girl exclusive acts up close and personal! You can view toy shows in the comfort of your environment. In comparison, strip clubs are bound by rules and required to enforce them. Topless clubs generally charge for: entry fees, drinks, lap dances, VIP lap dances in the ‘Champagne Room’ with very little to no contact. Don’t you want to enjoy adult entertainment in a casual relaxed atmosphere? Tahoe’s Exclusive has what you want: sizzling exotic striptease dancers, male strippers and female strippers direct to you!


Why hire Tahoe’s Exclusive Exotic Striptease Dancers?

We are the Premier Adult Entertainment Agency serving Lake Tahoe and Reno, based right here in South Lake Tahoe for decades. View our Profile page for details. The owner, Rain, was the first Stripper of Lake Tahoe. She set many of the standards that still exist today. We were the first agency in Tahoe to introduce the porn show described as ‘exclusive acts’ in 1995. Our All Inclusive packages have been copied as well. We have always been ‘avant-garde’ and remain so to this day.

How do I make a reservation?

Please visit our Reservation page. All the information needed to help prepare you for scheduling Adult Entertainers is there. We want you to have the best experience possible; don’t hesitate to call if you need help preparing your event.

What is the Price Structure?

Please visit our Rates page, choose Male Stripper Rates, or Female Stripper Rates. We can also customize a package tailored to your unique situation. You can order the All Inclusive Striptease package without including tips which lowers the price by $100 per girl.

How do I pay for Entertainment?

Most clients pay the strippers cash when they arrive. They can text or call so clients can meet them outside to keep the party a surprise. We accept all major credit cards, but prefer cash. Visit our Rates page for pricing.

Time and Travel Fees

Time and travel fees don’t apply if you are in our coverage zone: generally within 70 miles of South Lake Tahoe. If you are beyond our zone, time and travel fees apply. If your party is not in South Lake Tahoe where 90% of Bachelor Parties occur, try to avoid peak times between 9pm – 11pm on Friday and Saturday night. Instead, start your show earlier or later, like 8pm or 12am. Girls don’t want to kill their profits driving to and from your party at prime time when they could be performing at other shows. We can be more accommodating if you are considerate, understanding that girls make a living doing back to back shows. They won’t be eager to sacrifice their profits by performing at 1 show instead of 3.

How does Tipping work?

Tipping is customary in the striptease industry, just as it is in a typical restaurant. Strippers, like waitresses or servers, make a living on tips. Most entertainers make a minimum of $100 at most shows. Exceptional dancers can earn a great deal more. It is traditional to tip exotic dancers during lap dancing and party games. If they are doing a fabulous job, show your appreciation by tipping accordingly. We recommend participants bring $20-$60 each to contribute to the fun. We also offer an inclusive package for those who prefer to pay the minimum amount up front. Visit our Rates page for details.

What is Bachelor Party protocol?

Please visit our Bachelor Party page, it’s pretty extensive. It describes in detail how the typical bachelor party goes, from A – Z. Be prepared, you might get excited!

What if it’s not a bachelor party?

Most parties follow the bachelor party format. If there is a birthday boy for example, he will be treated as the ‘guest of honor.’ If there is no ‘guest of honor.’ everyone will get equal attention beginning with the striptease dance performance, followed by floor show, lap dancing and party game. Exclusive acts, known as the porn show, are always an option.

Are there any rules?

Just one! Be gentlemen. Respect your entertainers. We all know how to behave appropriately; there is no need to ‘read a list of dos and don’ts…’ The host is responsible for his party, and should curtail a member who is ‘out of control.’ He should also encourage the show to flow, so all the guests can fully participate and enjoy the party in a safe comfortable environment.

How do we know if a company is truly local?

View the address to see if they are Tahoe based. Reputation and history are another indicator. Rain was the first Stripper of Lake Tahoe and lives in South Lake Tahoe. She developed Tahoe’s Exclusive after performing solo in Tahoe and Reno for several years. Not all local agencies have a proven track record like her. The phone number is a good indication. 530 is the only local area code on the California side of Tahoe. 775 is a Nevada area code that can be a Tahoe number but is generally out of Reno. FACT: Most agencies who use ‘Tahoe Strippers’ in their name are actually not based in Tahoe. If the site is covered with 50 – 100 exotic dancers, beware, Tahoe doesn’t have a large enough population to afford that many entertainers!

How do we know the entertainers are real actual entertainers?

We have several pictures of each of our girls. That is the best way to determine actual entertainers. We are the largest local agency, so we actually have more strippers than other local providers. We’ve been doing quality business for 27 years and we have never had more than 20 girls at any given time.

What are bait and switch tactics?

When you see sites touting 50 – 100 girls claiming to be Tahoe based, you should be questioning authenticity. Tahoe is a small town of about 20,000 population; it doesn’t afford hundreds of entertainers. Many companies with the word Tahoe in their title are not local and use air brushed stock card model photos off the internet to entice their customers. Most of those companies are nationwide. If you view some of their other sites, you will find the same girls for cities across the nation. They don’t fly into town to do your show! They aren’t real entertainers. Those agencies generally farm out to real local agencies like us, so you never get the girls you pick off their site.

Are all your girls on the site?

There are a couple of girls who are more private and discreet; I generally only send their pics out upon request.

Can we take pictures?

Some entertainers allow pictures; the only way to be sure is to ask. We recommend taking pictures while they are dressed, before the show begins. Some entertainers may be willing to do a group shot afterwards with their outer garments on. No one wants to see their nude photos on the internet, so respect their preferences.


Why do so many sites claim to be voted #1?

It’s the oldest media trick in the book! Competitors are fierce and pretentious, alluding to false and unsupported claims to be the Best. There has never been a vote for the best Strippers, Exotic Dancers, or Adult Entertainers! We suggest asking real locals who run other types of businesses in town who they recommend. Reviews and Testimonials are the closest you can get to endorsements. Many of those are made up to boost rankings. Social media is not regulated! It can be a huge platform for competitors attempting to discredit agencies who actually do have a good reputation. When reading reviews, note whether the information sounds legit. Yelp allows business owners to respond to those comments, be sure to read both sides. Don’t believe every review posted, many are intended to slander. Discrediting competition is the only way some agencies thrive. Quality agencies get picked on the most by competitors who consider them a serious threat. Most agencies who have been around for a long time will have a fake 1 star review written by one of their competitors. These tactics are intended to destroy ranking, and thus reputation. Due diligence is your best resource, do your homework, spend a little time researching.