Teasers (Strip-O-Grams)

(Strip-teasers: brief striptease encounters geared for the ‘Element of Surprise’)

Adult Entertainers found in Playboy, Penthouse & Hustler Magazine

Tahoe Striptease Entertainment

Our Lake Tahoe Striptease Dancers perform Teasers (Strip-O-Grams) for any and all Occasions, Events, or Whims. You may have a friend, relative, or co-worker you can never decide on a gift for…, or who just simply deserves ‘the treatment.’ These short shock shows can occur at any of the events or occasions listed above such as VIP & Promo Events, Office or Company Parties, Group Parties such as Birthdays, Divorce, Farewell, Graduation, etc…, you name it! They are suited for mixed gender, as they are not too risqué. You may have a unique request like sending your ‘X’ a tray of ice, reminding them to chill out! We have handled some interesting calls!! These encounters can last anywhere from 5 min. – 30 min. depending on the nature of the event, interest, and level of participation. These Teasers are G-rated, female exotic dancers usually strip down to a bikini, or lingerie; topless (upon request). Male exotic dancers strip down to boxers or swim trunks. The entertainers can come in costume (within reason), you can pick from the list above under Bachelorette Parties where appropriate. We are flexible and will work with your unique situation. Rates: $150 – $200 depending on Request, cost may vary depending on Location.