History of Tahoe’s Exclusive
is Rain Exotic Striptease Dancer

Rain dances at Tahoe bachelor partyLegendary Exotic Dancer of Lake Tahoe: Rain in zebra corsette

Rain was the Original Lake Tahoe Stripper

Rain was the original Lake Tahoe Stripper. She was formally known as Tahoe’s Exclusive Exotic Striptease Dancer. She formed this agency by making her title plural. She began her solo career in 1987, forging new turf in the striptease industry. She is known to many as Rain ‘The Living Legend’.  She is also referred to as Rain Exotic Striptease Dancer. She considered herself a ‘striptease artist,’ focusing on ad lib ‘state-of-the-art’ performance. Her journey is marked by a rich colorful history (actually her-story), which paved the road that built this local company on Tahoe soil. Tahoe’s Exclusive stakes claim as the leading Adult Entertainment Agency in both Tahoe and Reno. Rain’s zeal met with many challenges, but Rain was a rebel at heart. She naturally challenged society’s accepted repressed notions about the human body in its naked form. She embraced spontaneity and always went with the flow of the show. Rain was ‘fluid,’ and that has always been her motto. No matter how she is remembered, Rain will always be the first and foremost Exotic Dancer of Lake Tahoe.

Rain put Striptease on the Tahoe Map

Rain put Striptease on the Tahoe Map. She performed solo for 7 years, from 1987-1994, and continued dancing 12 more years, even after she became Tahoe’s prestigious local agency. She developed the standards and format that still exist today. She was a trooper, entertaining Bachelor Parties all night, from 7pm – 7am. She often took on 7 shows a night! Normally, exotic dancers do 2-4 shows a night, mostly in South Lake Tahoe. Few entertainers travel around both shores of Tahoe anymore. Rain was a ‘frequent flyer’ at Stateline, casinos were a popular bachelor party destination. She often began her evening in South Lake Tahoe, continuing to North Lake Tahoe via Incline Village, on to Tahoe City, then returning to South Lake Tahoe for one final round. She performed in Reno long before strip clubs, and topless clubs ever existed. Rain was renowned in Tahoe, even so, she did shows in Reno, Carson City, Truckee and surrounding areas.

Rain was drawn to Lake Tahoe

Rain always felt a deep rooted connection to Tahoe. She didn’t come here on a whim, she was drawn to Lake Tahoe. She fell in love with Tahoe’s majestic ambiance, natural beauty, and breathtaking appeal as a young child, vowing to make it her home. After completing her college education with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from CSUS (California State University of Sacramento), she headed for the mountains and never looked back.

Rain is a Musician turned Exotic Dancer

Rain was always an entertainer at heart. She is an accomplished musician, singer/songwriter, and composer. She performed ‘Battle of the Bands’ in Sacramento as a young adult. She quickly grew disheartened with the flaky musician mentality she encountered, and gave up trying to create and maintain a band. She shifted focus, and decided to embark on a solo career as an exotic dancer. She was a natural born dancer, and enjoyed the creative release of sensuous expression. Rain perceived seductive dance as a unique platform to embody creative performing arts in erotica. She seized the opportunity to compile music she loved as a sensuous backdrop for her performances. Clients often begged to keep her music as memoirs, a token souvenir.

Tahoe’s Exclusive, Largest Quality Adult Entertainment Agency

Rain’s naïve altruistic approach to her work as an art, although refreshing, was soon overtaken by a throng of newcomers employing brutal tactics to discredit her reputation. Her idealistic notions were shattered as she found herself caught in a malicious crossfire ensued by ruthless competitors seeking not a slice of the pie, but the pie itself. In a volley to take over the market, endless attacks and ludicrous claims were made against her. Attempts to discredit her reputation were launched from several directions. The battlefield opened on all fronts, with mimickings of a political campaign in full throttle. Every effort was made to dethrone her, and defame her character. Rain, however, was a force to be reckoned with, she took up shield and sword. To maintain her merit, she chose to embrace change and carry the torch to the next level. She hired a fleet of male strippers and female exotic dancers, surrounding herself with high caliber adult entertainers in the striptease industry. She launched Tahoe’s Exclusive Exotic Striptease Dancers in 1994. Her diligence paid off, and RAIN again ‘reigned’ over Tahoe. The largest quality adult entertainment agency was born, claiming the Tahoe region. Dedicated ambition has been the back bone of Tahoe’s Exclusive since its inception. Tahoe’s Exclusive remains a driving force in Adult Entertainment with a vast vibrant history.

Best Adult Entertainment – Beautiful, Talented Exotic Dancers

Rain enjoyed a long career, performing 20 years as a Stripper in Tahoe. Shelf life is short in the realm of striptease, that’s a rare accomplishment! Although she no longer dances herself, she still exercises the same care and precision with her business. Rain hires only the most beautiful, talented, personable exotic dancers, to provide the best quality adult entertainment. She runs her business like a family, and knows her girls and guys well. She is skilled at finding the right entertainer to match the clients’ specific needs and requests.

You can contact RAIN: , for immediate response call 530-544-6427.

History: Rain Exotic Dancer sways to the rhythm at Reno bachelor partyRain performing striptease in patent leather for a party in South Lake Tahoeoriginal Lake Tahoe Stripper: Rain poses for cameraRain seduces a Tahoe crowd, dancing in fishnet stockingsfirst Tahoe stripper: Rain poses in bikiniTahoe striptease dancer: Rain performing a floor showRain, owner of https://tahoesexclusive.com commands the crowd as she cracks the bull whip during a bachelor party in Lake TahoeLegendary stripper: Rain teases the guest of honor with hand cuffs and whip at local Tahoe eventTahoe bachelor receives lapdance from legendary exotic dancer: Raininfamous striptease dancer: Rain, engaging Truckee bachelor in a lapdancegroup shot of Rain and her tribe: Tahoe's Exclusive Exotic Striptease Dancers